One of ISAS' primary goals, as a scientific survey unit of the Prairie Research Institute at the University of Illinois, is the dissemination of information on archaeological and historical topics to both professional and public audiences. To keep up with our ongoing work, sign up for our newsletter.

ISAS produces three publicly available archaeological publication series: Studies in Archaeology (SIA), ISAS Research Reports (RR) and Studies in Material Culture (SAMC). Through these publications ISAS strives to further educate and inform the public in the preservation, protection, and interpretation of the archaeological resources of Illinois.

In addition ISAS offers select Technical Reports, Transportation Archaeological Bulletins, and other specialty publications in our Archive as complimentary PDF downloads. Any publications not included on our Publications pages are not available for sale or public distribution.

ISAS publications printed after September 2020 that contain information about human remains are embargoed from public release. Access to embargoed elements are available only by submitting a detailed request for approval by the ISAS Director. All proposed requests must qualify for access under current NAGPRA procedures.

ISAS publications are available for purchase by emailing Please browse our website to learn what we have available for sale or as a free PDF download—each volume has either an email link for purchase or a Box link for free PDF download. The ISAS Publications price list lists all volumes available for purchase and ordering information.

Studies in Archaeology

Studies in ArchaeologyThis externally peer-reviewed series, Studies in Archaeology, brings scholarly works of topical and regional research to the broadest possible audience.




Research Reports

Research ReportsThis series is designed specifically to provide an outlet for the rapid production of reports covering detailed scientific analyses primarily of interest to professional archaeological researchers.




Studies in Archaeological Material Culture

Studies in Archaeological Material CultureThis series is designed specifically to provide an outlet for the rapid production of reference volumes covering detailed documentation, presentation, and related scientific analyses of material culture for archaeological and historical researchers.





The ISAS Archive contains complimentary PDFs from multiple series that are out of print or designed specifically for online distribution.