Bioarchaeology Section

Bioarchaeology/Osteology staff work primarily out of the Killarney Research Annex (KRA) in Urbana, and the American Bottom Field Station (ABFS) in Fairview Heights. The primary mission of the Bioarchaeology Section is to fulfill the Survey’s responsibilities in instances where human remains are encountered that are subject to the Illinois State Human Skeletal Remains Protection Act (20 ILCS 3440 et seq.). These duties include coordination with the Illinois State Burial Law Coordinator and IDOT Chief Archaeologist, as well as excavation, technical analysis, and reporting of human remains falling under the Survey’s responsibilities.

In addition, personnel are involved in collaborative research projects both within ISAS, the University of Illinois, and with researchers at other institutions. Results of these projects are presented at professional conferences and in peer reviewed journals. Public outreach is encouraged and the Survey’s physical anthropologists frequently give presentations to schools, clubs, various archaeological societies and other general public groups.

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Dr. Kristin Hedman
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