The archaeological collections managed by the Illinois State Archaeological Survey (ISAS) contain materials recovered from cultural resource management projects conducted primarily for the Illinois Department of Transportation as well as from research projects by such historically important figures as Warren K. Moorehead, John McGregor, George Langford, A.R. Kelly, Charles J. Bareis, and others associated with the University of Illinois. These materials include artifacts, floral and faunal remains, specimen samples, field notes, site forms, reports, photographs, negatives, slides, maps, laboratory notes, and other documentation and are housed at ISAS facilities in Champaign, Illinois.

The collections stewarded by ISAS include important, irreplaceable, research and educational materials. Due to the loss and/or theft of materials loaned for research purposes in several instances, outloans are no longer allowed except for exhibit purposes. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and will help to ensure that these valuable resources are available for future generations.

  1. Outloans are allowed for exhibit purposes only. All borrowing institutions will fill out a facility report, including information on security measures, specifications on display cases, insurance policies, etc. A blank facility report is available on request.

  2. Requests for outloans for exhibits must be made in writing to the Director as far in advance as possible. The request should include a statement of purpose, an exhibit design, specific objects desired, loan period, security, and transit plans.

  3. Collections may be viewed and analyzed by qualified individuals who are based at teaching or research institutions. A written request to view or analyze collections must be submitted to and approved by the Director. Examination and/or analysis will take place at an ISAS facility. 

  4. Collections borrowed for exhibit must be maintained in a building that will protect objects from fire, smoke, or flood damage; be secured from damage and theft by appropriate storage; under 24-hour physical and/or electronic security; and protected from extreme temperatures and humidity, excessive light, and from insects, vermin, dirt, or other environmental hazards. After the facility report is submitted, the Curator must pre-approve all loans for exhibit.

  5. ISAS may restrict from loan items which are fragile, needed for ongoing research, or those of unusual value.

  6. Copies of documents may be requested at any time. A fee may apply.

  7. All loans will be subject to a specified loan term as shown on the outgoing loan form. 

  8. Objects borrowed shall be given special care at all times to ensure against loss, damage, or deterioration. The ISAS Director is to be notified immediately if damage or loss has occurred. No object may be altered, cleaned or repaired without written permission from the ISAS Director or Curator.

  9. In certain cases, the Borrower will be required to provide an "all risk, wall-to-wall" insurance policy during the loan period for certain objects. ISAS requests documentary evidence of insurance coverage before releasing any object for loan.

  10. Use which would alter, damage, or destroy any part of the collection is prohibited unless it is determined that such use is necessary for scientific studies or public interpretation, and that the potential gain outweighs the potential loss. Please see the policy on destructive analysis.

  11. Objects will be packed by ISAS staff and transported to and from the borrowing institution by acceptable means. Repackaging must be done with the same or similar materials and boxes, and by the same methods as the objects were received. Any additional instructions will be followed.

  12. Unless otherwise noted, packing, transportation, custom, insurance, and all loan-related costs shall be borne by the Borrower.

  13. Objects may be photographed and/or illustrated for catalog and condition record only. Requests to photograph/illustrate objects for publication must be made in writing and are subject to the conditions set forth in ISAS's policy on reproduction of intellectual property.

  14. Any resulting exhibits and publications shall acknowledge the Illinois State Archaeological Survey (ISAS) and if appropriate, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) for use of the collections. 
    A copy of all analysis results and publications shall be provided to ISAS.

  15. The Borrower may use temporary tags to label loans but should not mark objects in a permanent fashion or remove markings already present on the objects.

  16. Borrowed collections must be returned to ISAS in satisfactory condition by the due date. Requests for extension of the loan period must be made in advance in writing. Proof of coverage by parallel extension of necessary insurance must also be shown.

  17. ISAS reserves the right to recall and cancel the loan at anytime. ISAS will make every effort to give reasonable notice of a loan recall.

  18. Failure to follow procedures set forth in this policy may result in loss of future privileges.