Non Staff Use of Collections

  1. The archaeological collections of the Illinois State Archaeological Survey (ISAS) contain materials recovered and generated from cultural resource management projects conducted for the Illinois Department of Transportation. These materials include artifacts, botanical remains, fauna, human remains, samples, field notes, site forms, reports, photographs, negatives, slides, maps, laboratory notes, and other documentation generated as a result of a project.

  2. The collections are available to qualified individuals for study, exhibit, teaching, public interpretation, religious use, scientific analysis, and scholarly research. 

  3. Request to use the collections are to be made in writing to the Director of ISAS. Requests should include any solicitations for permission to publish and/or photograph. 

  4. Manuscripts, notes, documents, photographs, drawings, and maps may not be published without prior written consent from the Director of ISAS. In granting permission to publish its materials, ISAS does not give up its own right of publication or its right to permit others to publish the same material.

  5. Any resulting exhibits and publications shall acknowledge the Illinois State Archaeological Survey (ISAS) and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) for use of the collections. A copy of all analysis results and publications shall be provided to ISAS.

  6. Use which would alter, damage, or destroy any part of the collections is prohibited unless it is determined that such use is necessary for scientific studies or public interpretation, and that the potential gain outweighs the potential loss. Please see the policy on destructive analysis.

  7. ISAS reserves the right to impose restrictions on its collections and to limit access to associated records that contain information relating to the nature, location, or character of a prehistoric or historic resource in order to protect the area or place where the resource is located from harm, theft, or destruction.

  8. Appointments should be made with the curator for access to the collections.

  9. Non-staff persons will be permitted access to the collections only when accompanied by a staff member.

  10. The following are required when working with the collections:
    a. Clean and dry hands are required when handling specimens and documentation. 
    b. Use of ink when working with documents is prohibited. 
    c. Objects should be supported with both hands. 
    d. If an object becomes broken or damaged, notify the curator immediately in order that the condition may be corrected.
    e. No eating, drinking, or smoking allowed when handling collections. 
    f. Work one drawer, shelf, or box at a time, replacing all objects in their original location before proceeding to the next drawer, shelf, or box. Objects have been inventoried according to their exact location.

  11. Drawers and boxes may be full and heavy. Be careful when opening and closing drawers and lifting and carrying boxes. 

  12. No specimens are to be left out when leaving the storage area.

  13. Reasonable fees may be charged to cover the costs of handling, photocopying, other related incidental costs, and/or when using the collections for commercial research. See ISAS's Reproduction/Use Fees schedule.

  14. Loans of materials to qualified individuals will be provided as specified in ISAS's Outloan policy.

  15. Violations of this policy could result in the loss of research privileges.
    The ISAS collections are important resources. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and will help to ensure that the collections are maintained and preserved for future use. 

revised 02/10