Joint Exhibit Request Procedures

This document describes the procedures to be followed by ISAS staff participating in an external request for a loan of materials for a joint exhibit.

  1. It is prudent to discuss a planned cooperative exhibit with the ISAS director, appropriate division head, and curator before proceeding with a written exhibit proposal.

  2. Submit a written exhibit proposal. Please include the following:

    a) Date of request

    b) Institution and proposed exhibit facility

    c) Contact information of applicant liaison(s), including phone & FAX number, e-mail address, and web address of institution.

    d) Staff members on the exhibit team at both applicant institution and at ISAS.

    e) Purpose of exhibit (to ensure that it is compatible with ISAS’s overall goals and mission) including:

    • working title
    • begin and end dates
    • theme and general description
    • any other pertinent information such as size limitations of exhibit cases, weight restrictions, time restrictions, etc.

    f) Number & type of materials requested.

    g) Brief timeline of exhibit activities such as:

    • staff responsible for choosing artifacts and creating materials such as labeling and posters, publicity, web site creation, and exhibit evaluation such as number of visitors.
    • method of transport of materials, responsible transport staff, and dates of transport

    h) Estimate of total ISAS staff time and funding levels involved in the exhibit.

  3. The written proposal should be submitted to the ISAS Director and/or Curator for evaluation.  If the exhibit proposal is accepted, the facility report (item 4) needs to be completed and submitted to the Curator.

  4. A facility report must be filled out by a staff member of the borrowing institution.  This information is required in order that ISAS can assess the capabilities of the staff and facility to protect any loaned ISAS collection against theft, breakage, and/or environmental damage. The Curator must approve the facilities before the loan proceeds.

  5. All exhibit labels and text will be approved by the ISAS Director before the artifacts are loaned.

  6. Additional information may be needed regarding the exhibit, facilities, or loan procedures.