Collections Policy Information

All requests for use of ISAS collections must include the purpose for the collections use. The reasons for asking researchers about their projects are twofold:

  1. It helps ISAS to better document to upper-level administrators and granting institutions exactly how collections, both artifactual and documentary, are used. Administrators are keenly interested in how our heritage collections are being used. Grants are used both to improve collections storage conditions and in cultural outreach efforts. 

  2. It helps future researchers to know what types of past analyses have been conducted.  For instance, a fish biologist in Louisiana is working on evolutionary connections of suckerfishes.  He borrowed some fish bones from the FAI-270 project for DNA analysis to help determine genetic relationships of these fishes.  Another example is the on-going work on the Hoxie site copper to determine either North American or European origin of the metal. 

Everyone, including ISAS staff members, is asked to submit detailed information on the project for which their request is being made. It is routine to gather this type of information, and it increases the transparency and visibility of collections use at ISAS. 

Policies for Collections Use

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