Jada Pauline Zook

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Jada Zook

Jada Pauline Zook

Office Manager/Lab Supervisor

B.A. Anthropology, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

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 (217) 243-9491
 Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

General Interest/Area of Focus

Jada Zook has been working for ISAS for 3 years. Her interests and professional focus center on prehistoric decorated ceramic assemblages and illustrations. She has graphic design experience that is put to use with digitizing plan and profile maps from the field and preparing photos for reports. Though most of her duties are in the laboratory, she is proficient in fieldwork as well.


Midwest Archaeological Conference (MAC)

Current Research

Mississippian ceramic construction

Previous Positions

2011–2012 Laboratory Assistant at Indiana University Midwest Archaeology Laboratory, Bloomington Indiana
2009  Field Technician in the 2009 Indiana University (IU) Solving the Mystery of Yankeetown Field School, Mount Vernon, Indiana, directed by Dr. Susan Alt.

Selected Papers Presented

Fitts, Lauren, Jada Zook, and Jennifer Goldman
 New Insights on Jersey Bluff Lithic Technology: A Preliminary Analysis of the Wedding Site (11JY499). Midwestern Archaeological Conference, Columbus, Ohio.

Zook, Jada
Caborn-Welborn Decorated Pottery: An Intersite Comparison. Thesis Defense, Bloomington, Indiana.