CRM Report Archive

CRM Report Archive

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Managed and maintained by the Illinois State Archaeological Survey (ISAS, formerly ITARP), a joint intergovernmental program of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), the University of Illinois (UIUC), and the Prairie Research Institute at the University of Illinois.

The CRM Report Archive

This digital report archive, that includes surveys from all 102 counties in Illinois, was created through the support of the Illinois Department of Transportation by ISAS in cooperation with the Illinois State Historic Preservation Office (ISHPO), Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (IHPA), Springfield. It is intended to facilitate access to the information contained in CRM reports to improve both the efficiency and quality of cultural resource investigations carried out under state and federal law and regulations.

In Illinois, CRM reports submitted to the ISHPO are each given a unique, sequential document number. The project/survey area is mapped onto state quad maps with the identifying document number and paper copies of the reports are kept on file at the ISHPO and the Illinois State Museum (ISM).

This system of recording reports and survey area was initiated by ISHPO Chief Archaeologist, Thomas E. Emerson, in 1985 when the ISHPO was transferred from the Illinois Department of Conservation to the newly formed Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. Prior to 1985 CRM reports were not retained by the ISHPO but were transferred to the Illinois State Museum Library. Consequently, inclusion of reports prior to 1985 in this archive is sporadic.

Scanning of the accumulated State of Illinois documents was funded by IDOT beginning circa 2006, with approximately 18,000 digital files going live as the CRM Report Archive in April 2009. Managed and maintained by ISAS, the CRM Archive is part of the responsibilities of ISAS under the joint intergovernmental agreement between the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Prairie Research Institute at the University of Illinois.

Archive Security

These archival documents contain certain restricted information on archaeological site locations which could endanger these resources if made public. Consequently, access to this archive must be by professional archaeologists who meet appropriate state and federal standards. Parties requiring access should contact the CRM Database Manager for further information.

Access to Archive

The data resides on servers at ISAS’s Champaign offices and can be accessed by authorized persons. This will require a username and password. Authorized users who have trouble accessing the Archive should contact the CRM Database Manager.

Management and Updating of Archive

IDOT-ISAS has assumed responsibility for the creation, updating and management of the digital CRM Report Archive. If users are aware of errors in archival documents or know of or have copies of Illinois CRM documents that are not included in this archive, please contact CRM Database Manager. Missing documents will be added to the archives as appropriate.

How to Use the Archive Database

The Illinois CRM Report Archive is a web-based database. Supported browsers include Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge on the desktop, and Safari and Chrome on a mobile browser.

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