ISAS 2017 Shanghai Archaeology Forum

ISAS Archaeologists Travel to China for Shanghai Archaeology Forum

Dr. Tim Pauketat at the 2017 SAFDr. Thomas E. Emerson and Dr. Timothy R. Pauketat traveled to Shanghai, China in early December to attend the Shanghai Archaeology Forum (SAF). The 3rd annual event was organized by the Shanghai Academy, the Institute of Archaeology at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. ISAS was nominated and a finalist for the SAF Research Award for their work with maize.

In early 2017, ISAS researchers Dr. Thomas Emerson and Mary Simon concluded that corn was not in widespread use until 900 AD or later. This new study and research essentially rewrites the history of corn in the American Bottom.

Pauketat gave one of the keynote addresses at the forum.

“This is the most significant gathering of archaeologists today,” said Emerson.

“And it’s important to note ISAS has been included in this gathering from the very beginning,” concluded Pauketat.

In 2016, ISAS won the SAF Field Discovery Award for their work at the East St. Louis archaeological excavation. The East St. Louis project was the largest in the United States from 2008–2012 and was part of the construction of the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge and was funded by the Illinois Department of Transportation.