Ken Farnsworth Award

ISAS Senior Archaeologist Receives Distinguished Career Award from the Midwest Archaeological Conference

Ken FarnsworthKenneth Farnsworth received the Distinguished Career Award from the Midwest Archaeological Conference held in Indianapolis, Indiana. The award honors those individuals that have made significant contributions to Illinois archaeology.

Farnsworth’s nearly 50-year career in Illinois archaeology began with the IDOT FAI-408 Project in western Illinois. He was a Director of the Contract Archeology Program from 1974 until he joined ISAS in 1998. There he served as Senior Research Editor and Senior Research Archaeologist until his retirement in 2016.

Farnsworth specializes in the archaeology of the Eastern Woodlands, with an emphasis on the Great Lakes-Riverine area of the northeastern United States. His research focuses on subsistence and trade in the midcontinent during late prehistoric times (the end of the Archaic period to the end of the Woodland period).

A dedicated publisher of archaeological information and ideas, Farnsworth has edited two fieldwork-focused publication series (Center for American Archeology Reports of Investigations and Technical Reports), and four overview archaeology volumes, which include Early Woodland Archeology (1986), Now Quite Out of Society (2002), Early Hopewell Mound Explorations (2004), and Illinois Hopewell and Late Woodland Mounds: The Excavations of Gregory Perino: 1950–1975.