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John Lambert

John Lambert

Visiting Archaeological Spatial Analyst

2012–present– Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology, University of California, Davis
M.A. Anthropology, University of California, Davis
Graduate Certificate in GIS, Iowa State University
B.S. Anthropology and B.A. English with minor in Economics;
Summa Cum Laude and Honors Program, Iowa State University

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Phone: (217) 300-6934
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General Interest/Area of Focus

John specializes in the Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene archaeology of the Western Great Lakes and Upper Mississippi Valley, with emphasis on hunter-gatherer mobility, site structure, and stone tool technologies. His technical specialties include Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial analysis, Lithic Analysis, and Human Behavioral Ecology.


Wisconsin Archaeological Society
Midwest Archaeological Conference
Society for American Archaeology
Illinois Archaeological Survey

Previous Positions

2016–2017  Archaeologist, ICF International, Sacramento, CA
2016–2017  Archaeologist, Stantec, Sacramento, CA
2009–2017  Instructor and TA, University of California, Davis, CA
2007–2009  Archaeologist, Iowa State University Archaeological Laboratory (ISUAL)

Selected Bibliography

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Journal of Archaeological Science Reports 22:202–213.

Legg, Robert J., Robert R. Regis, John M. Lambert, Matthew Liesch, and Charles B. Travis
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Loebel, Thomas J., John M. Lambert, and Matthew G. Hill
2016  Synthesis and Assessment of the Folsom Record in Illinois and Wisconsin. Paleoamerica 2(2):1–15.

Lambert, John M., and Thomas J. Loebel
2015 Paleoindian Colonization of the Recently Deglaciated Great Lakes: Mobility and Technological Organization in Eastern Wisconsin. Paleoamerica 1(3):284–288.

Lambert, John M.
2014 Upper Valley Dalton at the Sucices Site in Northwest Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Archeologist 95(2):152–157.

Lambert, John M., and Thomas J. Loebel
2014 Wisconsin Archeological Society Research Award (WASRA) Report: Paleoindian Mobility in Early Postglacial Wisconsin. WisArch News 14(2):15–17.

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