Archaeology Awareness Month

September is Archaeology Awareness Month

It’s back! September brings us another edition of Archaeology Awareness Month. The theme for this year is typology. What do we mean by typology? Typology is the result of the classification of things according to their physical characteristics. The products of the classification, i.e. the classes, are also called types (see the poster for great examples of typology). The PDF version of the 2016 Archaeology Awareness Month poster is available for download here.

2016 IAM Poster

Prehistoric Artifact images: Linda Alexander, Ken Farnsworth and Marcia L Martinho
Prehistoric Point categories and descriptive text: Madeleine Evans with editing support of Thomas Loebel
Historic Artifact images: Linda Alexander, Matt Cross and Robert Mazrim
Historic Artifact categories and descriptive text/captions: Robert Mazrim
Layout/Design: Marcia Martinho

Feel free to share and promote! ISAS will be using the hashtags #archaeologymonth, #typology, and #justmytype all month on social media. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as we promote typology in archaeology.