Illinois Antiquity 2015

ISAS Research Featured in Illinois Antiquity

ISAS researchers are featured in the September Issue of Illinois Antiquity. The September issue features articles centered around the Illinois archaeology month theme: Science in Archaeology. Articles cover everything from recent isotope analysis of Strontium to analyzing dog coprolites in St. Clair County, Illinois.

Featured Articles

Identifying Black Drink Ceremonialism at Cahokia: Chemical Residue Analysis
by Thomas Emerson & Timothy Pauketat

Preliminary Analyses of Prehistoric Dog Feces (Coprolites) from the Janey B. Goode site in St. Clair County, Illinois.
by Andrew Fortier

Sourcing Pipestone Without Destroying Irreplaceable Artifacts
by Sarah Wisseman

Strontium Isotope Analysis: A Tool for Assessing the Role of Immigration in the Formation of Cahokia, America’s First City
by Philip Slater, Kristin Hedman, and Thomas Emerson

Glimpses of the French Colonial Capital of Illinois: Geophysics at Fort de Chartres Randolph County, Illinois.
by Robert McCullough, Thomas Loebel, and Robert Mazrim

LiDar Illuminated
by Michael Farkas

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[posted October 12, 2015]