Transforming the Dead

ISAS Archaeologists release new book, Transforming the Dead, via the University of Alabama Press

Transforming the DeadEve A. Hargrave and Dr. Kristin M. Hedman are co-editors of the new University of Alabama Press release,Transforming the DeadTransforming the Dead is a collection of essays that examines culturally modified human bones and their roles as “cultural and ritual objects” among prehistoric Eastern Woodland cultures. Previous scholarship has explored the role of human body parts in Native American cultures as trophies of war and revered ancestors. This collection discusses new evidence that human elements were also important components of daily and ritual activities across the Eastern Woodlands. The contributors to this volume discuss each case study within the unique regional and temporal contexts of the material, rather than seeking universal answers to how these objects were used. (Transforming the Dead co-editors: Shirley J. Schermer and Robin M. Lillie).

To find out more information about the book or to order a copy please visit the link below,6105.aspx


[posted August 31, 2015]