Archaeological Videos

Archaeological Videos


These videos highlight our many archaeological investigations, historical preservation, and outreach endeavors. To see more videos by ISAS please visit our YouTube page at the link on the right.

ISAS Geophysical Survey Reveals 13th Century Village

ISAS utilized geophysical survey to reveal a 13th century village in Central Illinois. ISAS archaeologists and researchers knew about the site for past 30 years but were unable to determine exactly how large and intact this very important site was. The results from the geophysical survey revealed a village with house structures, a plaza, and possible fortification ditch & palisade–all without disturbing the site. This site is a great example of using modern technology to further our understanding and to help ISAS with preservation efforts.

Endangered Heritage: Preserving Greater Cahokia

On April 29, 2016 Senator Dick Durbin called upon President Barack Obama to declare Cahokia a National Park. This video outlines why elevating the status of Cahokia to a National Park and preserving Greater Cahokia is so important.

2015 ISAS Year in Review

2015 ISAS Year in review highlights the best of all we did in 2015. From a bobkitten to Beijing, ISAS had a very big year!

Archived Footage of Dr. Thomas E. Emerson at FAI-270 Project

Archival footage featuring Dr. Thomas E. Emerson, ISAS Director and Illinois State Archaeologist, at the FAI-270 Project.

The Ancient Bobkitten Buried Like A Human

Archaeological research led by Dr. Angela Perri, Dr. Terry Martin, and Kenneth Farnsworth discover a bobkitten that was buried like a human in a Hopewell mound. Reanalysis of these skeletal remains at the Illinois State Museum show the importance of these curated collections.


100 years of the Forest Preserves of Cook County

With more than 69,000 acres, the Forest Preserves of Cook County is one of the largest and oldest districts in the country. But the treasures in those woods and prairies go back far more than 100 years.

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