ISAS and Forest Preserve District of Cook County Partner Up with Greencorps

ISAS and Forest Preserve District of Cook County Partner Up with Greencorps

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In 2015, NIFS began implementation of the Natural and Cultural Resources Master Plan developed during the previous year in partnership with the Forest Preserves of Cook County (FPCC), and with several sister surveys within the Prairie Research Institute (Illinois Natural History Survey and Illinois State Water Survey).  The FPCC owns and manages nearly 70,000 acres within Cook County, which contain over 550 known archaeological sites and many more as yet unrecorded sites. Site types preserved here range from Paleoindian and Early Archaic campsites, to Woodland period seasonal habitation sites, large Upper Mississippian village sites, contact period trading posts and early roads, frontier period farmsteads, to World War II German prisoner-of-war camps.

ISAS-NIFS staff and Greencorps internsPreservation and management efforts of archaeological resources located within Chicago’s urban landscape include field surveys and site evaluations, site restoration, artifact analyses, public outreach events, FPCC staff and steward training, interpretive signs, artifact curation, database and records management, and generation of professional reports, presentations, and publications. This year, NIFS has also developed, in cooperation with FPCC, an innovative internship program with Greencorps Chicago. Chicago area youth work one-on-one in the field with professional NIFS staff, learning pedestrian and shovel test survey techniques, site mapping, artifact identification, and sediment and landscape evaluation.

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