ISAS Annual Reports 

One of ISAS’s primary goals is the dissemination of information to both professional and public audiences.

ISAS's Annual Reports are designed to provide an overview of the program’s yearly activities for the IDOT and University engineers and administrators, the archaeological community, and the general public.

Since 2005, the Illinois Transportation Archaeological Research Program (ITARP), now the Illinois State Archaeological Survey (ISAS), has produced annual reports on the ongoing projects and research of Illinois Department of Transportation's archaeological program.

This year, we have introduced a new, interactive online version of our Annual Report in addition to the usual print version. This new format allows the reader to delve more deeply into the topics that most interest them while conserving the resources required to print a longer document. Please note, this report is best viewed on desktop browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Internet Explorer. While the report can viewed on mobile devices, the interactivity will be limited.


2015 ISAS Annual Report
Click to download the 2015
Annual Report [PDF 46.8]

Click here to view the 2005–2014 Annual Reports.