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IDOT ArchaeologyFor over half a century, ISAS has conducted archaeological surveys and excavations throughout the state for the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).

Each year ISAS's Transportation Archaeology program performs hundreds of archaeological surveys and dozens of excavations. These activities not only preserve the state's rich cultural heritage but allow for the efficient planning, construction, and enhancement of the state's transportation network.

The new information gathered as part of this process have made major contributions to our understanding of American archaeology, at both the state and national levels. ISAS personnel disseminate the results of this research through publications as articles and books, conference papers, public lectures, school presentations, videos, and museum and interpretive displays.

In addition to the central ISAS Field Office located at the University in Champaign, we have field stations and labs in Urbana (Killarney Research Annex), Wood River in the East St. Louis area (American Bottom Field Station), Jacksonville and Macomb (Western Illinois Field Stations), Springfield (Springfield Research Office), and Rockford (Northern Illinois Field Station).


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