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Staff Directory

Mike Lewis
Senior Production Manager/Network Administrator/Computer Support

BS Sociology University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Phone: (217) 244-8883

Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis has been the Production Manager at ISAS since its inception in 1994. He has been with the variations of ITARP (FAI-270 Project and Resource Investigation Program) dating back to 1986.

His primary duties are overseeing the production staff in the creation of archaeological reports for publication. In addition, Mike creates graphics and text for archaeological presentations, educational displays, museum exhibits, and other computer generated work as directed. Additional work includes overseeing the creation and maintenance of the ISAS website.

As Production Manager Mike oversees the Production Staff that includes an Illustrator/Photographer, two Production Coordinators, as well as interacting with the graphic designers at the Belleville and Rockford labs.

Mike also serves as the Network Administrator and Computer support person for ISAS and provides support for 7 labs around the state which includes over 90 computers.

As Network Administrator Mike’s primary duty is to keep the network running smoothly such that desired data and services are available to ISAS personnel. He also maintains a dedicated, centralized program, file, and web server, including network backups of staff computers. In addition routine maintenance, software installations, upgrades, troubleshooting both network and individual computer problems, consulting, computer planning, budgeting, purchasing, distributing, installing, security, and maintaining ISAS computers and general support of all ISAS computers is provided.

General Interest/Area of Focus

Desktop Publishing, computer networking, computer graphics. Focus on Mac OS X.

Posters and Exhibits Designs

  • Archaeology Awareness Month Exhibit, Crops Before Corn 1994
  • Museum of Natural History at the University of Illinois, Harvesting the Past Museum Exhibit, 1995
  • Sourcing the Cahokia-Style Figurines Poster, 1996
  • Partnership Illinois Exhibit: Building Illlinois’ Future, Preserving Our Past 1996
  • Grand Village of the Illinois Museum Exhibit, By a River Gently Flowing 1998
  • Clay Minerals Society Meeting Poster Session, Honorable Mention, ITARP PIMA Poster, Application of a PIMA SPTM (Portable Infrared Mineral Analyzer) To Pipestone Flint Clay Sources of Two Native American Cultures, 2000
  • Illinois Archaeology Awareness Month Poster, Prairie Encounters 2003
  • Illinois Archaeology Awareness Month Poster, Art and Archaeology: Spirit of the Ancients 2004
  • Society for American Archaeology Poster, Geophysical Investigation of a Fortified Late Phrehistoric Settlement Near Chicago 2004

Book Designs

Studies in Archaeology Series
No. 1 The Archaeology of Downtown Cahokia: The Tract 15A and Dunham Tract Excavations by Timothy R. Pauketat with Preston Miracle and Sandra L. Dunavan

No. 2 Cahokia Atlas, Revised: A Historical Atlas of Cahokia Archaeology by Melvin Fowler (1997)

FAI-270 Project Reports
Volume 23 The Sponemann Site: The Formative Emergent Mississippian Sponemann Phase Occupations by Andrew C. Fortier, Thomas O. Maher, and Joyce A. Williams (1992)

Volume 24 The Sponemann Site 2: The Mississippian and Oneota Occupations by
Douglas K. Jackson, Andrew C. Fortier, and Joyce A. Williams (1992)

Volume 25 The Lohmann Site: An Early Mississippian Center in the American Bottom by Duane Esarey and Timothy R. Pauketat (1992)

Volume 26 The Holdener Site: Late Woodland, Emergent Mississippian, and Mississippian Occupations in the American Bottom Uplands by Warren L. Wittry, John C. Arnold, Charles O. Witty, and Timothy R. Pauketat (1994)

Volume 27 The Marge Site (11-Mo-99): Late Archaic and Emergent Mississippian Occupations in the Palmer Creek Locality by Andrew Fortier with contributions by Mary Simon, Tom Berres, and Joe Phillippe (1996)

Volume 28 The Dash Reeves Site: A Middle Woodland Village and Lithic Production Center in the American Bottom by Andrew Fortier with contributions by Thomas O. Maher, Mary Simon, Douglas J. Brewer, and John T. Penman (2001)

Transportation Archaeological Research Reports
No. 1 The Fingers and Curtiss Steinberg Road Sites: Two Stirling Phase Mississippian Farmsteads in the Goose Lake Locality by John E. Kelly with contributions by Brad Koldehoff and Kathryn Parker (1995)

No. 2 The Sister Creeks Site: Middle Woodland Mortuary Practices by Michael C. Meinkoth with Kristin Hedman, Mary Simon, Thomas Berres, and Douglas Brewer with a foreword by James B. Griffin (1995)

No. 3 The Kirkpatricks' Potteries in Illinois: A Family Tradition by Bonnie L. Gums, Eva Dodge Mounce, and Floyd R. Mansberger (1997)

No. 4 The Rock River Sites: Late Woodland Occupation Along the Middle Rock River Northern Illinois by Anne R. Titelbaum with contributions by David M. Ernest, Andrew C. Fortier, John T. Penman, and Mary L. Simon (1999)

No. 5 Archaeology at the Whitley Site: An Early Historic Farmstead on the Prairies of Eastern Illinois by Bonnie L. Gums (1999)

No. 6 Hill Prairie Mounds: The Osteology of a Late Middle Mississippian Mortuary Population by Kristin Hedman and Eve Hargrave (1999)

No. 10 Canal Boats Along the Illinois and Michigan Canal: A Study in Archaeological Variability by Floyd Mansberger and Christopher Stratton (2000)

No. 12 The Archaeology and Rock Art of the Piney Creek Ravine Jackson and Randolph Counties, Illinois by Mark J. Wagner with photography by Charles Swedlund (2002)

No. 14 Late Woodland and Mississippian Occupations in the Hadley and McCraney Creek Valleys of West-Central Illinois by Michael D. Conner with contributions by John J. Field, Barbara D. Stafford, and Marjorie B. Schroeder (2002)

Transportation Archaeological Bulletins
Bulletin No. 1 "Now Quite Out of Society" Archaeology and Frontier Illinois by Robert Mazrim (2002)

Additional Publications

Late Woodland Societies Tradition and Transformation across the Midcontinent
edited by Thomas E. Emerson, Dale L. McElrath, and Andrew C. Fortier
Published by the University of Nebraska Press (2000)


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