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Over 50 permanent full-time BA, MA, and Ph.D. archaeologists and professionals work in the ISAS central offices in Champaign and ISAS Archaeological field stations, labs, and offices througout the state on various projects.

Skills among employees include: ethnobotany, zoology, photography, scientific illustration, publication production, public education, physical anthropology, cultural resource management, lithic and ceramic analysis, electronic mapping, geographical information systems, and multiple PC and Macintosh software and hardware expertise. The program maintains three fully staffed and equipped field stations—one in Wood River in the American Bottom, one in Macomb near the Lower Illinois River Valley, and one in Rockford, Illinois. Additonally, ISAS includes research labs in Springfield and in Macomb.


Staff Directory


ISAS Offices in IL

ISAS Offices and Field Stations

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Springfield Research Office

Wood River: American Bottom Field Station

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