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H. Blaine Ensor
Research Archaeologist

B.A. Anthropology,  1973
University of Alabama,

M.A. Anthropology, 1981
University of Alabama


Phone: (618) 251-3922

Complete Vitae (pdf)

Blaine Ensor

H. Blaine Ensor has an M.A. from the University of Alabama (1981) and comes to us with an extensive background in field excavation (31 years) in the Eastern Woodlands, including Southeastern United States (Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisiana), Southern Plains (Texas), and central Midwest (Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska), and more recently in southern Illinois.

He had been working with a private consulting firm, Historic Properties Consultants, located in Murphysboro, Illinois. He has technical skills in both lithic and ceramic analyses, artifact taxonomy, and method and theory.

He has a strong interest in PaleoIndian lithic technology (Clovis) and is currently conducting research into the earliest Americans (pre-Clovis).

He has published over 150 technical reports and delivered over 35 papers at professional archaeological conferences.

Ensor is on the Register of Professional Archaeologists and belongs to the Society for American Archaeology,Illinois Archaeological Survey,Southeastern Archaeological ConferenceAlabama Association of Professional Archaeologists, and the Alabama Archaeological Society.

Ensor is also an accomplished musician, writing lyrics for new songs, which he plays and sings in his own music studio in Murphysboro and occasionally at public venues.

Selected Publications

Ensor, H. B., and K. Parker               
      2010    Phase II and Phase III Archaeological Investigations at Site 23LN1379 within the Missouri Segment of the Keystone Pipeline Project Corridor, Lincoln County, Missouri. Cultural Resources Management Report No. 1657. American Resources Group, Ltd. Carbondale.

Ensor, H.  Blaine,  Kathryn Parker, Jessica Allgood, Jeff Anderson, Mike McNerney, and Steve Titus
      2008    Phase II Archaeological Investigations at the Fults Site (11MO1075), Monroe County, Illinois. Cultural Resource Management Report No. 1595. American Resources Group, Ltd., Carbondale, Illinois.

Ensor, H. Blaine, Kathryn E. Parker, Michael J. McNerney, Steve Titus, Melinda A. Carter, David Mather, and Robert E. Parr
        2006    Archaeological Investigations at the Isle du Bois Site (23SG1), A Patrick Phase Settlement in Northern Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri. Cultural Resource Management Report No. 1070. American Resources Group, Ltd. Carbondale, Illinois.

Ensor, H. B., K. Prufer, C. Lence, M. McNerney, D. Driver, and L. Holland
      2003    Phase I Cultural Resources Investigation for the Osage Project, Lake of the Ozarks and Lower Osage River, Benton, Camden, Cole, Miller, Morgan, and Osage Counties, Missouri. Final report submitted to Ameren EU, St. Louis, Missouri. Cultural Resources Management Report No. 1128.  American Resources Group, Ltd., Carbondale, Illinois. (Two Volumes).

Ensor, H.B.
      2002    Lithic Analysis. In Phase II and Phase III Archaeological Investigations at the Ameren 1 (11J1148), Ameren 2 (11J1149), and Hileman (11J1150) Sites, Ameren Grand Tower Power Plant, Jackson County, Illinois by J. Snyder, S. Titus, C. Koeppel, J. Anderson, B. Ensor, E. Scott, and K. Parker, pp. 223-350. Cultural    Resources Management Report No. 1046. American Resources Group, Ltd., Carbondale, Illinois.

Ensor, H.B.
      1993    Big Sandy Farms: A Prehistoric Agricultural Community Near Moundville, Black Warrior River Floodplain, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.  The University of Alabama, Alabama State Museum of Natural History, Division of Archaeology, Report of Investigations No. 68.  University.

Ensor, H.B.
      1991    The Lubbub Creek Microlith Industry. Southeastern Archaeology,  10(1):18-39.

Ensor, H. Blaine         
                   The Belle Mina Clovis Site. Journal of Alabama Archaeology, in press.

Selected Conference Presentations

Ensor, H.B. S. Boles., and T. Collins
      2012    A Preliminary Look at Projectile Point Variability at the East St. Louis Mound Complex. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Illinois State Archaeological Survey. Champaign, Illinois.

Ensor, H. B.
      2005    The Belle Mina Site (1Li92), An Upland Clovis Occupation in the Tennessee Valley of Northern Alabama. Paper presented at the Clovis in the Southeast Conference, Columbia South Carolina, October 17, 2005.

Ensor, H. B.
      2004    Capps-A Levallois-like Core Technology on the Coastal Plain of the Southeastern United States.  Invited lecture presented to Primitive Technology Workshop, Oregon Ridge Nature Center, Cockeysville, Maryland. May 1, 2004.

Ensor, H. B.
      1999    Early Archaic Kirk Occupation at the Refuge Site, 1Lu356, Lauderdale County, Alabama. Paper presented at the Southeastern Archaeological Conference. Macon, Georgia.

Ensor, H. B.
     1985    Lithic Craft Specialization in the Southeast: Data from the Lubbub Creek Locality. Paper Presented at the 50th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Denver.

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