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One of ISAS's primary goals, as a scientific survey unit of the Prairie Research Institute at the University of Illinois, is the dissemination of information on archaeological and historical topics to both professional and public audiences.

ISAS produces three archaeological publication series: Studies in Archaeology (SIA), ISAS Research Reports (ISASRR), and the Transportation Archaeological Bulletins (TAB). Through these publications ISAS strives to further educate and inform the public in the preservation, protection, and interpretation of the archaeologial resources of Illinois.

In addition ISAS has select publications from our ISAS Technical Reports series and several speciality publications.

Studies in Archaeology

Studies in Archaeology VolumesThis externally peer reviewed series, Studies in Archaeology, brings scholarly works of topical and regional research to the broadest possible audience.



Research Reports

ISAS Research ReportsThis series is designed specifically to provide an outlet for the rapid production of reports covering detailed scientific analyses primarily of interest to professional archaeological researchers.


Archaeological Bulletins

Archaeological Bulletins brings together research on similar topics into a single volume and provides detailed scientific analyses and theoretical insights on topics of interest to a broad professional audience.




Compliance/Technical Reports

Book CoverISAS Compliance (now Technical Reports) are short run publications designed for fullfillment of government compliance reporting. Normally only produced to meet governmental laws, reports of a broader scope are made available for purchase.




Speciality Publications

Book CoverISAS distributes limited publications from other organizations with a focus on Illinois Archaeology.






Annual Reports

Book CoverISAS's Annual Reports are designed specifically to provide an overview of the program’s yearly activities for the IDOT and University engineers and administrators, the archaeological community, and the general public.


Previous Series

Limited Titles Available
FAI-270 (28 volumes)

FAI-270 Volume 19 Holding

In June 2008, the David Brown Book Company/Oxbow Books purchased the bulk of our FAI-270 series inventory.

With the exception of Vol. 28 (only a few copies remain in our inventory), all of the FAI-270 books are available for purchase through David Brown Book Company/Oxbow Books.

Please visit here to browse David Brown Book Company's website for the FAI-270 series and more.


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