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2012 ISAS Staff Updates

Corinne Carlson was promoted to Production Coordinator. This position brings her new duties that involve creating original content for the ISAS website and collaborating on material generated for ISAS public outreach. She continues to produce ISAS publications and compliance reports as well as archaeological materials for survey and staff needs. In addition, Corinne is involved in sales and distribution of ISAS publications through conferences and other events. Corinne received her B.A. in English from Illinois State University and first began work at ISAS in 1998.

Eve Hargrave recently accepted a position as ISAS Public Engagement Coordinator. Eve is involved in coordinating conferences hosted by ISAS and directing ISAS/IDOT public engagement activities from field trips, guest speakers, to the annual Naturally Illinois Expo. She received her B.A. in Anthropology/Archaeology from Washington University and her M.A. in Anthropology from Pennsylvania State University. She has been working at ISAS since 1994.

Alexey Zelin has been hired for the position of Ceramic Analyst for ISAS. Alexey received his B.A. in Archaeology and M.A. in Archaeology and Anthropology from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Ceramic analysis has been the focus of his research in Israel and in the United States. He first began work at ISAS in 2002 and has been employed in various capacities. His most recent research has been concentrated on the analysis and reporting of ceramic assemblages from a series of 1100–1400 year old Late Woodland sites from northern Madison County, Illinois that were excavated by ISAS along a proposed interstate alignment.

ISAS welcomes Lenna Nash as a Visiting Skeletal Analyst for the American Bottom Field Station. Lenna received her MA in Anthropology from the University of Mississippi, Oxford. Her thesis focused on mortuary practices and osteology of several Mayan sites in the Chalillo region of Belize. Lenna has been a member of the ISAS Bioarchaeology team since 2011 and has met State of Illinois qualifications as a skeletal analyst as established under the auspices of Illinois’ Human Skeletal Remains Protection Act (20 ILSC 3440; 17 IAC 4170). 

Tracy Formica Miller has accepted the position of Laboratory Coordinator for the American Bottom Field Station. Tracy comes to ISAS from her current position as Archaeological Lab Supervisor with Southeastern Archaeological Research, Inc. in North Carolina. In 2006, she earned her MS in Environmental Archaeology at Ohio University, Athens and has professional experience with lab supervision, lithic analysis, and field archaeology. Tracy will oversee the ABFS main and flotation laboratories as well as all aspects of ABFS collection management and curation.

Congratulations all!

We also wish to acknowledge the arrival of two new transfers from our Western Illinois Field Office—Dan and Rose Smith. Dan has several years of experience in the field, including not only survey but also site testing and excavation. He is one of our few employees who has extensive experience with the total station and on several occasions has been assigned the task of completing total station work in the field and final map production in the lab. He has prepared survey reports, as well as reports of excavated sites. Rose is an accomplished and experienced employee with many talents as well. She has not only served in the capacity of field crewmember, but has also coordinated the lab at Jacksonville. One of her many duties have been to format the many testing reports produced out of the Western Illinois Field Station. Her experience in all phases of report production will be a welcome addition to our production team.

Ian Fricker has resigned his position at ISAS to pursue an MA degree in Anthropology (with a specialty in Archaeology) at Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal. Ian has served in his present position of District Archaeologist for over five years, replacing Jamey Zehr as our Central Office field archaeologist. He assumed his responsibilities at a time when the program was undergoing tremendous change and experiencing significant growth. Ian accepted the challenge and became the “go-to” person for our survey program in eastern Illinois. He mastered all of the necessary field and laboratory techniques and became proficient at total station/GPS mapping and Arch GIS software. His easy demeanor and calm disposition have been an inspiration for his crew and supervisors alike. He completed hundreds of projects during his tenure with ISAS, setting very high standards of site reporting, project planning and efficiency, organization, personnel oversight, and report completion. Several hundred archaeological sites have been reported on, and evaluated by Ian and his crew.

All the best to you, Ian!

[posted September 4, 2012]






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