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The pages on this site are the up-to-date information of the Illinois State Archaeological Survey. Please email the ISAS webmaster with any corrections, additions, or suggestions.

What's New

New IIBS Field Form (January 2015)

Link: IIBS Field Form (updated 2015) [pdf]

IDOT-ISAS Borrow Area Archaeological Review Process

Link: IDOT-ISAS Borrow Area ArchaeologicalReview Process (11-14-14)[pdf]

UIUC Winter Weather-Related Information

Link: UI Policy on Inclement Weather [pdf]

FY15 Driver Approval Form

Link: Driver approval form [pdf]

U of I Campus is Now Smoke-Free

As of January 1, 2014, smoking is prohibited on all campus property at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, both indoors and outdoors, in university-owned vehicles and in privately-owned vehicles parked on campus property. The advertising, sale, or free sampling of tobacco products is also prohibited on campus property. Littering the remains of tobacco products or any other related waste product on campus property is further prohibited.

Link: Complete policy

Outreach Template

As part of its mission ISAS seeks to disseminate information about Illinois' rich archaeological heritage to the public and to professional communities. In order to document the time spent participating in these outreach activities, please fill out the attached form and please return to Eve Hargrave.

Link: Outreach Form [pdf]

posted: 9/6/13 RS

IDOT- ISAS Compliance Workshop

On July 29, 2013, Brad Koldehoff (IDOT Chief Archaeologist) hosted a one-day workshop to discuss Federal and State legal compliance and field investigation guidelines. Approximately 40 staff members from ISAS field stations, as well as IDOT and IHPA gathered at the Illinois State Museum Research and Collections Center in Springfield, IL.

Presentations were made by Brad Koldehoff, Dawn E. Cobb (HSRPA Coordinator for IHPA), Dr. Kris Hedman (ATAM Associate Director), and Dr. Brian Adams (ISAS Assistant Director of Statewide Surveys). Topics covered at this workshop included Section 106 compliance, the HSRPA process in Illinois, ISAS-IDOT human remains protocol, ISAS-IHPA guidelines for field investigations, and the process to “mitigate an adverse effect” for IDOT projects.

Please see the links below for the related presentations:

Link: IDOT Historic Preservation Compliance Process [pdf]
Link: Overview of State Burial Law [pdf]
Link: ISAS-IDOT Human Remains Protocol [pdf]
Link: Steps to Mitigating Adverse Effects [pdf]

posted 8/9/13 RS

Pre-approved travel forms from OVCR via PRI

We have been informed that the OVCR requires pre-approved travel forms for all travel by ISAS staff. It is not yet clear what this means for staff on the road on a daily basis to do survey and excavation. At a minimum it will be required for all out of state travel. Consequently each individual going to the MAC conference who will be requesting time off, hotel, per diem, registration, or other reimbursements must have one of these forms completed.

Supervisors -- Please insure that these are distributed to staff and that they are aware of the rules.

Link: Prior Approval Travel Form [pdf] Open in Acrobat 9 or later.

ISAS General Burial Notification Protocol

Revised February 2012 in consultation with IDOT.

Link: ISAS General Burial Notification Protocol

MOA in place for the Mitigation of Euro-American Traditions Sites

This has been and extensive process that John and Brad have been pursuing for at least two years. It essentially gets us back to the process we had several years ago before everything was put on hold by the FHWA review. This will facilitate our work on these types of sites. Please read the attached document - my understanding is that it goes into effect as of the date of signature. Field Station Coordinators and Statewide surveyors need to understand and begin to implement this process.

Link: Mitigation of Euro-American Traditions Sites [pdf]

NEW Protocol for communicating with outside agencies, etc.

Statewide ISAS and district personnel:

Recently we have had a number of unfortunate incidents of contacts between district surveyors and other field personnel with various private individuals, organizations, tribes, and agencies that indicate that there is a misunderstanding of basic protocol in conducting such communications. In all of the specific instances that I am aware of these inappropriate communications directly stem from ISAS staff attempts to be helpful, cooperative, and to facilitate the process -- all good intentions that can have very negative impacts on the IDOT-ISAS relationship that is the heart of our program. In each case the problem came from the ISAS staffer not recognizing that they did not have the responsibility, the authority, or the authorization from superiors to be involved in that conversation.

Link: Protocol for communicating with outside agencies, etc. [from Polices tab]


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