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Stewardship of ISAS collections continues to be the primary mission of ISAS Curation staff. Currently, ISAS holds about 20,500 curation-sized boxes/cubic feet of artifacts—90 percent from IDOT projects—and 1,139 linear feet of documents. Curation manages more than 13,000 square feet of long-term storage space in Champaign County (1) on the UIUC Campus at the Nuclear Physics Lab, (2) in the Rantoul warehouse—old and new facilities and, (3) at the Killarney Research Annex. Field station storage amounts to about 7,000 square feet. Approximately 10,500 boxes have been moved in the past 10 years.

Curation staff handles all aspects of ISAS collections management for materials from approximately 3,000 archaeological sites—transfers, proper storage practices, and security. Currently, ISAS stores about 22,500 curation-sized boxes (cubic feet) of artifacts and 1,122 linear feet of documents. IDOT projects generated 90% of the artifacts. ISAS curation practices conform to the standards set forth in “Curation of Federally-Owned and Administered Collections” (36 CFR Part 79). The text of this seminal legislation is available here:

As part of our commitment to scientific investigation and education, collections stewarded by ISAS, most IDOT project-generated, are made available to institutions and researchers. Graduate students and professional archaeologists alike have benefitted from access to artifacts and documents held in Curation.

ISAS has partnered with several institutions to create exhibits that highlight IDOT work throughout Illinois. Curation procures and tracks display materials from ISAS collections ranging from artifact replicas to prehistoric and historic implements. Exhibit items are currently on view at the Cahokia Mounds Museum, the Rockford International Airport, the Belleville Labor and Industry Museum, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Monroe, Missouri; leather boots and shoes from the Creamer House site (EWP Ditch Cleanout, St. Clair County) were loaned to the UIUC Library for a Preservation Week display.

The following ISAS policies are available upon request. Please contact Dr. Laura Kozuch, curator (217) 333-0263:

  • Copyright use and permission
  • Donation Policy
  • Deaccession
  • Destructive analysis
  • Library use

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