ATAM Kiln and ManScience and Archaeology

Mission Statement: "The Ancient Technologies and Archaeological Materials Program (ATAM) serves as the archaeological sciences research arm of the Illinois State Archaeological Survey, Prairie Research Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  The mission of ATAM is to promote, encourage, and facilitate interdisciplinary research between students, professionals and others in archaeology and the natural and physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities programs within the Prairie Research Institute and the University of Illinois."

Current research includes mummy studies, organic residues, human migration, health and diet of dogs, and sourcing of stone pipes and figurines.

2013-2014 Advisory Committee

Kristin Hedman, ISAS, ATAM Assistant Director
Thomas E. Emerson, ISAS
Duane Esarey, ISAS
Mary Simon, ISAS
Laura Kozuch, ISAS
Eve Hargrave, ISAS
Wayne Pitard, Spurlock
Susan Frankenberg, Spurlock
John Abelson, MRL
Stanley Ambrose, Anthropology
Ripan Malhi, Anthropology
Randall Hughes, ISGS